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Death Squad: The New Weathermen

Who says we can do nothing about the “one percent”? A new force is emerging which is featured in the TV pilot “Deathsquad: The New Weathermen.” The premise is simple. The last remnants of the ‘60s radical US domestic terrorist group ‘The Weathermen’ are making a comeback. With new recruits and state of the art technology, The New Weathermen are ready to rock and ruin. Corporate criminals abuse and kill their employees.


The system of injustice, ready to lick the boots of the oppressors. The only solution: summary execution for these villains.

Punish The Guilty

The guilty must be punished. Dan Rathburn, architect of the worst mining disaster in decades in the United States, sneers at the hundreds of citations issued against his company as he sacrifices his workers to the God of corporate greed. Living high on his golden parachute, he leaves the workers’ families in confusion and frustration. Our heroes track him down to a convention at the Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas. After a close call he is executed. Death to Tyrants!