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“Save Capt. Jake’s” - a short summary of the pilot episode.

LOGLINE: The eccentric patrons of the dilapidated Capt. Jake’s are desperate to save their bar and way of life from the encroaching gentrification.

The story begins with the opening refrain from “I Love this Bar” by Toby Keith. Sinbad, the parrot, and the owner, Jake, watch and comment on the antics of the bar regulars via CCTV cameras. Capt. Jake’s is being threatened with eviction by Sylvia, Chair of the Board of Governors, who runs the building. Maverick, an ex-pro hockey player leads the charge to raise money to fight the impending eviction. The Crew comes up with the idea of running a “wenches auction” to acquire some of these funds.

Meanwhile, in the B storyline, Ocean, the den mother of the bar makes advances on India, the hippie weed dealer, in the hope that he will bid on her at the auction.

In the C storyline, BB Bob, the resident drunk tries to take the moose statue, which sits outside the bar, home.

The wenches’ auction is a big success although much more money is needed to hire a Bay Street lawyer. Ocean receives unexpected bid by a “Chubby Chaser”. Maverick receives the surprise final bid by Frisky Fritz, the resident gay, and to the consternation of all, both disappear. The cliff hanger becomes the question; did Maverick come out of the closet?
The pilot episode ends with a verse from “I Love this Bar”.