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The Assassination of a Pope

A classic story of Good vs Evil unfolds in 1978, the year of three Popes. A reluctant Cardinal Luciani of Venice is elected Pope with the intention of returning the Church to a simple path of serving the faithful. Upon election, he tells Cardinal Villot “God forgive you for what you have done”.JPI is assisted by his personal secretary, Father Lorenzi, and Cardinal Benelli of Florence, often known as the “Kissinger” of the Vatican.

JP I is opposed by his deceitful secretary, Father Magee, who acts as a spy for the P2 Masonic Lodge. This lodge is led by the “unholy trinity” of Licio Gelli, Grandmaster and Mafiosi, Cardinal Villot, Secretary of State, and Bishop Marcinkus, head of the Vatican Bank. They wish to maintain the status quo which includes laundering Mafia heroin money and helping prominent Italians to evade taxes. We follow the money trail from the heroin addict to dealer to Bishop Marcinkus on his luxurious yacht in the Canary Islands.

A Conspiricy unfolds

The story begins, continues and ends with a haunting prophecy by Sister Lucia, the last surviving witness to the miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. The prophecy connects the 33 years of Christ’s life to the 33 days of JPI’s reign as Pope. JPI knows that his reign will be short and is racing against time to complete the enormous changes that are needed to reform the Vatican. He is frustrated by the “ house of money changers” whose activities may cause the freezing of the assets of the Vatican Bank by the authorities.

The P2 Masonic Lodge is also on a desperate mission to retain its tenuous control of the Vatican finances before its shell game is exposed to the same authorities. They force the resignation of Cardinal Cody of Chicago whose scandalous financial and sexual activities remain a constant threat to the secrecy of their nefarious affairs. They promote Father Magee within the Lodge as he sells his soul to advance his career and maintain a lavish and sinful lifestyle.

JPI also employs a spy, Monsignor Scapalone, to uncover the crimes within the Vatican Bank. The revelations from this source along with an article listing the high prelates’ membership in the P2 Masonic Lodge compel JPI to take resolute action. He fires the corrupt prelates. This in turn forces a “kill order” from Grandmaster Gelli. Magee, on the road to perdition, poisons the Pontiff and saves his career. The story ends with Evil conquering Good as Villot remembers the prophetic words of JPI: “God forgive for what you have done”. Father Lorenzi laments the loss of his saintly mentor and promises to live his example of simplicity and humility.